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Felters create using any medium they choose and RSVP to attend a project roundup (or share circle). Felters then work on the assignment at home until the roundup event occurs.

Meet & Share

At the roundup event, group members gather together on a video call to talk about their work and artistic experience. Felters form connections through creativity, learning and growing together!

Weekly Updates

The top performer curse

minutes read

Before I get going on this top performer curse idea, let me hit you with a pull quote. It’s from an article…

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You Need to Upgrade Your Mask Now: Here’s How

minutes read

Facing the more contagious coronavirus requires better fit and filtering, or doubling up, and watching out…

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How To Hike Like an Entrepreneur

minutes read

Anyone who is struggling to build a business should get themselves to a real mountain. And climb it.

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This Month's Activity



Spring has sprung. Trees, shrubs, grasses, and cacti are all fair game this month. You can create something from scratch or share something you’ve already made.

Create something from scratch or share something you’ve already made. Share your results on Instagram, our Facebook group, or by uploading them HERE.

Join us for a special felt roundup friday, april 29th

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We believe in creative expression for all. Felt celebrates every maker, crafter, and art-curious individual by providing engaging content, events, and community meant to enrich our experiences of creativity as we grow older.

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We’re building a place which celebrates creative connection. We believe that staying connected to our own creativity matters, and connecting with others through the passions we share keeps us vital, engaged, and enlivened.

Who we are

Felt was created by Alive Ventures, a team of designers, entrepreneurs, and creative hobbyists united in a mission to craft a future we all want to age into. We are constantly looking for ways to nurture our own creative practices, and love connecting with and learning from others who want the same.


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