A Year in Review: The Felt Community is 1 Year Old!

December 22, 2021


The Felt community is now 1 year old!

As we mentioned above in the introduction, we hosted our first roundup on December 20, 2020, bringing together a small group of artists and makers who responded to a challenge to "represent the night sky". Since then, we have hosted 10 additional roundups and grown exponentially. We are now a community of over 8,000+ artists, crafters, makers, and creatives from all over the country (with a handful of international artists also in the mix).

Here is a quick recap of the prompts we've explored in our newsletters this past year. We hope you'll be as inspired by what you see as we are. Many thanks to all of the contributing artists.

Paint the Night Sky

Unconventional Portraits

Tell Us a Story About When You Were Young

Represent Another Decade

I Feel Alive When . . .

Still Life Challenge

Bring Your Best Flowers





Harvest Foods


Everyday Objects


40 featured artists!

As we looked back at the emails, we were sort of astonished to realize how many wonderful new artists we got to know this year. Our "graduating class" of Felt featured artists for 2021 is listed below. From ceramicists and basket weavers to abstract painters, sculptors, and accordion bookmakers, we sure have learned a lot from these talented makers.

Please take a couple of minutes to scan the list and click on a few names that strike your fancy -- you can't go wrong!  Each and every artist on this list represents a shared belief in the power of community and the importance of embracing your creativity no matter what age you are.

Beth Barry
Claire Boren
Beverly Brodsky
Michele Brody
Peter Byrne
Scot Campbell
Betsey Carter
Irene Christensen
Yvette Cohen
James Crandall
Ann Cunningham
Cecelia Feld
Michael Filan
Dora Frost
Allyn Howard
Brian Jenkins
Jerry Kott
Berenice Kramer Sokol
Diana KurzSarah Lamb
Joanne Lobotsky
Tony Luciani
Susan Mark Purney
Dean McRaine
Jennifer Mccandless
Carlos N. Molina
Linda Mutti
Douglas Newton
Tucker Nichols
Duke of Nikko
Nurit Ophir
Mary Parker Tooley
Quimetta Perle
Gale Rothstein
Christy Roushey
Roberta Rousos
Nieves Saah
Sara Schindel
John Sollinger

If you'd like to be on this list in 2022, you can submit your name here.