Artist Inspiration: Dora Frost

May 19, 2021

Meet Dora Frost

Since 1978 Dora Frost has exhibited paintings and works on paper and invented new ways of utilizing traditional pictorial mediums and materials to create exciting three-dimensional installation.

Dora Frost creates paintings, collages, and installations born of literary imagery and nineteenth and twentieth-century romanticism. In her thirty-year career, along with showing her work in galleries, she has done portraits and commissions for clients in Southampton, New York, and Palm Beach. Her commercial work includes Hamptons Magazine, The Social Register Monthly, Addix Magazine, IBM, and Belmont Park for which she did all the publicity artwork and posters for the Belmont Park Centennial.

In response to a recent question about the aesthetic underpinnings of her approach, Frost speaks about her passion for art-making as "an inquiry into the nature of reality". Based on recurring interests in "illustration of the written word or of interior kingdoms" and "painting and drawing from life," according to Frost, she has produced "two very different types of work”.

This can be clearly seen in Frost’s Instagram which reveals Frost’s interest in a variety of subjects including flowers, streetscapes, and portraiture infused with imagination, fantasy and memory. There are also pieces inspired by subject matter from Marcel Proust to Freddie Mercury, infused with her own twist producing a fanciful and magical world.

You can see more of Frost’ work at: https://www.dorafrost.com/ or on her Instagram (@dorafrsotartist)