Artist Inspiration: Karrita Renzelmann

May 12, 2021

Meet Karrita Renzelmann

This week we are featuring pottery artist Karrita Renzelmann. In lieu of a formal artist statement, we’re including a short note she asked us to share and a video she recently posted on her Instagram stories about the culmination of 100 day personal art challenge. She also speaks to the meaning of her company name, Queen Bee Pottery, and the importance of nature and femininity in her art.

Quia harum vero libero laudantium hic.

Hello, I'm Karrita Renzelmann. My pottery journey began by taking classes at the local community college where I instantly fell in love at the first touch of clay. The inspiration for Queen Bee Pottery is a combination of my love of nature, gardening, and creating beautiful ceramic art for the home and garden that I wish to share with others. A small part of me goes into every one of these unique and distinctive pieces. Working in my small home studio, creating new treasures, is aws exciting and gratifying as planting a new seed and watching it come to life. Many of my pottery pieces are created by incorporating fresh flowers, leaves and vines gathered from my garden into each design.

Watch Karrita's Instagram story about her 100 mugs in 100 days challenge

You can learn more about Karrita at: QueenBeePottery.com