Artist Inspiration: Nurit Ophir

November 24, 2021

Meet Nurit Ophir

We are pleased to introduce you to Nurit Ophir, a structural woven fiber artist from Sydney, Australia, as this week's featured artist. Nurit shared the following artist statement with us along with some incredible photos of her work a few weeks ago. We are particularly inspired by her process of collecting materials and her direct connection with nature. We hope you enjoy learning about her work as much as we have!

"I have come to realize that I am at peace when I work with my hands and that my inspiration invariably comes from observing nature."

Artist Statement

My art making process begins with foraging for suitable natural fibers from local parks and gardens around Sydney. While I predominantly use native plant material, I also enjoy using materials that provide interesting textural contrast. The form a piece takes is dictated by the materials at hand. It’s an intuitive process which keeps me close to nature  and on a meditative journey of making.

I trace the inspiration for my work back to my childhood on a kibbutz in northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee. This kibbutz was founded by people mainly from Poland and Russia, and we children were taught to knit, embroider and weave in the manner of traditional arts and crafts of Europe, as well as being influenced by the textiles and embroidery work of the local Bedouin people.

My attraction to the world of design, colour and fiber has developed over many years  through studies in silver smithing, textile design, screen-printing and carpet restoration. About two years ago, after fifteen years of working as a Music Therapist, I started to  explore basket weaving. I have attended several workshops where I’ve become familiar  with and continue to be inspired by the work of Nicole Robins, Lissa–Jane de Sailles, and  Harriet Goodall.

I am hoping to engage people’s appreciation of the extraordinary depth of complex  beauty in natural fibers.

You can see more of Nurit's work on Instagram at @nuritophircreative.