Artist Inspiration: Sharon Lee Minor

January 19, 2022

Meet Sharon Lee Minor

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Sharon Lee Minor (aka AUNTIE AFRIKA), a visual and performance artist, anthropologist, arts educator and ordained minister. Sharon is an active part of the Felt community and a regular at our community events. She is a frequent contributor and an enthusiastic supporter of the work being shared on the Felt Facebook Group. Perhaps she's even left a supportive comment about your art or asked you a question!

In addition to her visual and performance work, Sharon Lee Minor is the founder of A MINOR ENTERPRISE, a consultancy and cultural exchange firm that produces quality educational materials representing communities, globally. She has taught and presented lecture-demonstrations, performances, and exhibitions at numerous colleges, universities, galleries, churches, community centers, and international conferences.

Pictured above: FAR FAR AWAY. Natural minerals. Gold. Nihonga Technique. 8X10 inches.

"Community is working with what you have, anything that causes a life-giving response. Many people come to this country with nothing, and find generations of people already here who are creative survivors. I respond to that creativity whenever and wherever I find it globally, because I grew up surrounded by people who make beautiful things out of something that continues the joy of living each day to its fullest. My community celebrates others who enjoy making things out of nothing into something that reaches within everyone to respond and choose the luxury of learning from each other, creatively."

Pictured above: ASAFO with  FLOWER, Acrylic (textured) 10X20. It is part of a series called HOMOWO including over 50+ prints, paintings, drawings.

Upcoming Workshops/Classes:

Sharon is currently developing a new workshop series under her latest artistic alias, "Techno-Granny" and has completed a packet of online workshops for organizations.

  • HERITAGE BOXES (Part 1& 2)
  • LOOKING AT ART: What/How People “See&Say”
  • BECOMING TECH SAVVY: For Seniors With “Gumption”!
  • B.Y.O.B. ARTY PARTY: “Bring Your Own Brilliance”