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Seascapes Three Ways

Here's a special section for all our Felt-ers out there who love working in fabrics, as well as anyone out there who's looking to "make waves" by trying something new over the long holiday weekend.

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A Year in Review: The Felt Community is 1 Year Old!

As we mentioned above in the introduction, we hosted our first roundup on December 20, 2020, bringing together a small group of artists and makers who responded to a challenge to "represent the night sky". Since then, we have hosted 10 additional roundups and grown exponentially. We are now a community of over 8,000+ artists, crafters, makers, and creatives from all over the country (with a handful of international artists also in the mix).

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A New Prompt for January: Doorways

Explore the theme of doorways in your work literally and figuratively. What kinds of doors, openings, and gateways are in your life. You can create something from scratch or share something you’ve already made.

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Exploring the Theme of Doors

We love this article from Architectural Digest titled, 15 of the World's Most Historically Significant Doors. It's kind of like taking a world tour with the author and getting a personal sightseeing tour in all of the world's most beautiful cities. We are particularly entranced by Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Porta del Paradiso (or "Gates of Paradise") in Florence and the lattice-patterned doors of Chepstow Castle in Mouthshire, Wales.

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Artist Inspiration: Sharon Lee Minor

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Sharon Lee Minor (aka AUNTIE AFRIKA), a visual and performance artist, anthropologist, arts educator and ordained minister. Sharon is an active part of the Felt community and a regular at our community events. She is a frequent contributor and an enthusiastic supporter of the work being shared on the Felt Facebook Group. Perhaps she's even left a supportive comment about your art or asked you a question!

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Digging into Flowers

Did you know that English poet, William Blake, was also a painter and printmaker? Blake created an illustrated poem titled “Ah! Sun-flower” in 1794. It’s a beautiful example of early Romanticism painting and poetry combined in one beautiful piece. We’re featuring it in hopes that it might inspire you to think beyond the visual medium and to consider penning a few quatrains to accompany your floral creations this month.

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Artist Inspiration: Dora Frost

Since 1978 Dora Frost has exhibited paintings and works on paper and invented new ways of utilizing traditional pictorial mediums and materials to create exciting three-dimensional installation.

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All About Flowers

Flowers and art go hand in hand. It's probably not too hard to recollect a famous painting that you've encountered at a museum or online. You might recall the sunflowers or irises of Van Gogh, the golden flower fields of Klimt, or the floral close-ups of O'Keefe. Flowers are everywhere in the art world!

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