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We uncover and shine a spotlight on the incredible stories of some of the best and less-known makers over the age of 50. A holocaust survivor's journey through abstracts, a plein air painter's rich history of apprenticeship, and a mosaic artist's unique approach to tile work are among some of the stories we've told.

From Our Community

Each month, the Felt community is encouraged to create around a single project prompt, and share their work with one another. We highlight these projects in a special featured work section of our newsletter.

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Monthly project prompts unite the Felt community in a shared mission. Our end-of-project roundup brings users together in a virtual salon to share stories, successes and failures which occurred along the way.


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Our newsletters are themed around our featured artist of the week, drawing inspiration from their tips, tools and techniques. We share featured articles relevant to these topics to help jump-start and support the journeys of the creatively curious.


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We take our newsletter to social media to share our in-the-moment news. With artist features, daily highlights and tidbits of information, we give a taste of the content available in your inbox each week.


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